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Writing To Get You Found

Writing takes a lot of work and time

If you have a website or a blog, or any internet presence at all, you know you need to write. Websites need content. Blogs need posts. Social Media profiles need, well, profiles. It all adds up to a lot of writing.

Don’t think you can escape it. Your visitors expect informative content, and the search engines expect fresh, relevant content. If you’ve been online for any time at all, you know the saying Content Is King. It might be a cliche, but it is all too true.

Your website, and especially your blog, needs to have your “voice,” so you can’t outsource every word, but there is nothing wrong with getting a little help as you build your online presence.

Your website:

Redesigning your website isn’t only about adding flashy new elements to your site. You need to be sure the search engines can “see” those elements. You need to make sure your copy is focusing on appropriate keywords. And then you have to balance the happiness of the search engines with the preferences of your human readers. LookSee Info can help you create copy that’s rich with keywords but still readable.

Your Blog:

Getting a blog up and running is hard work. Keeping up with posting is even harder. Once you have a loyal readership, you just cannot risk alienating them by dropping off the face of the earth. You’ve been publishing every Monday at 2pm Central for months? Expect readers to check back at 2pm Central next week.

It doesn’t take much to lose the interest of the average web resident. They (we) are easily distracted, and if you don’t work hard to keep their attention, they will find someone else who does. In other words, get something posted. LookSee Info can help you keep a few evergreen posts “in your back pocket” to pull out when you’re under a time crunch. Or we can take over the writing during a time crunch, until you’re able to resume regular posting. You will still publish the posts yourself, unless you choose to give LookSee Info administrative access to your blog. You will always have final approval before any post goes live.

Your Social Media:

If you’re creating social media profiles to increase your online presence, you need to fill in those profiles, but you don’t want them to all be the same. You want to target your profile to the site. Facebook is more casual than LinkedIn, but both are useful for business, and you should create appropriate profiles and business pages on both. The same goes for any other social site you may want to participate in. And don't forget Twitter! Let LookSee Info help you construct different profiles for all your social media.

Keep in mind that we don't know your business until you tell us about it, so there will be some upfront time investment. Don't wait until you're in a time crunch to start the ball rolling. Plan ahead. Let's get to know each other and develop a plan for your writing needs.

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