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About LookSee Info

How LookSee Info Has Evolved

LookSee Information Solutions, LLC is a woman-owned business based in Evergreen Park, Illinois.

LookSee Info began life in October 2007, focused mainly on providing information research to small business that didn't have the time or resources to find it themselves.

A smaller part of the business involved helping those same companies extend the reach of their own information to a larger audience through search engine optimization (SEO) and Analytics for their websites. As internet access continues to grow (yes, it is hard to believe that some people are not yet online) this service has grown as well.

As the need for all businesses to have an effective online presence became clear to her, LookSee Info's owner, Melissa J Luther took every opportunity to learn more about creating and maintaining a business presence on the internet. As she learned new techniques, she offered them to her clients. Initially, the focus was on a business website and funneling potential customers to that site.

Today, with the explosion in Social Media, the line between personal and business has blurred significantly, and the focus has shifted yet again to creating an online presence for both the business and the business' principles (owner, CEO, VP, etc). The website is still the center of that presence, but an effective online presence involves many more channels. Melissa and LookSee Info hope to see every business, both large and small, connecting and interacting with customers, clients and each other through the ever-evolving online world.

LookSee Information Solutions, LLC is proud to be a member of a fantastic network of independent business owners focused on internet marketing/online presence.

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