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Research Services

Find the Right Information at the Right Time

You need information for your business, and you need it fast. Whether it is a list of decision makers. a list of potential customers for your business, or a report you need to reference we can locate it for you. Give us a definition of what you’re looking for and let us work our magic.

We can help you with:

  • Sales Leads: compiling a list of potential customers, based on your criteria
  • Competitive Intelligence: profiles, products and services of your closest competitors, both offline and online; market information
  • Technical/Specialized research: finding industry reports or papers; online news searches, feeds, alerts
  • Email Marketing Campaigns, targeted to a lead package or to existing customers
  • Candidate Information Searches

Sifting through the many sources of information, locating your desired nuggets of gold and compiling those nuggets into a cohesive summary takes you away from your real job - running your business.

You can’t afford time away from running your business. Let LookSee Info use our array of tools and our network of contacts to keep you running smoothly and efficiently.

To get started Email us or call 888-567-6116 today.

Still not sure? Read our Research FAQ for answers to some common questions.


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