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                                Online Presence FAQ

What Does an Online PresenceOptimizer Do?

Help small to medium businesses create and maintain a positive online presence. Often, smaller businesses, especially local businesses, don’t believe they need an online presence. After all, they are in the community, and everybody knows about them, right? Well, maybe. But knowing about you does not automatically translate into doing business with you. Your business needs to be top of mind when your target customers are looking for your service or product.

My website designer said my site was already optimized for search engines. What can you do?

Assuming that is accurate, then you are off to a good start. However, there is more to an effective online presence than a one-time site optimization. An optimized site will make the rest of your online efforts pay off better, but it’s also not a set-it-and-forget-it type of activity. Your website’s ranking in the search engine results pages will rise and fall based on both your own site’s optimization and your competitor’s online activities. You need an ongoing plan.

Let LookSee Info help you develop and implement a comprehensive plan to boost and maintain your online presence.

I'm a small local business. I don't do any business online. Why do I need an online presence?

Your customers are looking up businesses on the web. If you don’t have at least a local listing in the major search engines, you are missing out on potential business. Think about it; when was the last time you picked up a phone book? If you’re like me, it was when you picked it up off the front porch and tossed it on a shelf to collect dust.

  I'm a small local business. I don't do any business online. Do I really need a website?

Not necessarily, although I'd recommend it. Whether or not you have a website, you do need an online presence (see Why do I need an online presence?). Some small businesses do fine with listings on local business portals and industry-specific directories, but these sites are limited in their functionality. With a website of your own, you can see how many people are actually visiting, where they are coming from and what pages they are visiting. This is valuable information when planning future marketing strategy. With your own website, you can also set up individual landing pages for special promotions and advertising campaigns.

LookSee Info can help you get set up with a basic website and ensure it is optimized to convert the traffic you’ll draw in from your other online efforts.

I'm doing quite qell with my traditional marketing campaigns. I don't have the time or the money to invest in marketing myself online.

Traditional advertising is becoming less and less effective as a primary marketing channel. People aren’t responding to TV ads because they aren’t watching them (thank the DVR). People aren’t listening to your radio ads because they’re plugged into their iPods. Newspaper ad revenue is down because smart companies are recognizing that fewer people are reading the papers, and those that do aren’t looking at the ads. The phone book’s yellow-pages is a dead end because most people never open a phone book anymore.

When your next customer is looking for your service or product, he will perform an online search, probably on Google. Will you be there?

With LookSee Info’s help, you can be.

I only sell in my town. I don't want to be visible to the whole world! I can't afford to pay for clicks that have no chance of paying off.

Sometimes you might actually want people in other locations to find you; people take vacations, companies look for suppliers in areas they want to expand into, people and companies move to new locations.

Of course, those people, as well as your local customers, will most likely search by location. We can optimize your site to appear when searchers specify a town or region. For paid advertising campaigns, we can use geotargeting so that your ad only appears to searchers in your area. In this way, you can ensure that you will be found by the people most likely to become your next customers.

And online marketing has typically the lowest cost-per-lead of the lead sources.

  I don't have time!

Of course you don’t. That’s why you decide on the level of involvement you will have in the process and I will do the rest. There will be an initial time commitment, to ensure I know who your target audience is, what keywords are most appropriate to your business and what direction you want to take your business. After that, it’s up to you how hands-on you want to be, or if you just want monthly reports.

Let LookSee Info help you determine the best channels for your online efforts.


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